Dates for your Diary

Friday 9 February 10.30am – 12noon

New members’ meeting at the Rose and Crown Hotel, Tonbridge


Tuesday 19 May 7pm – 9pm

Angel Centre, Tonbridge

French Dance – more details to follow

Redacted Handbook 2021-2022

Please click here to read our Handbook 2021-2022 which has personal details removed.


Message from the Chair

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Tonbridge U3A Privacy Policy

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Beacon Has Arrived

Our U3A has adopted the Beacon membership system. It will significantly assist the membership secretary in his role, and other committee members will find it very useful.

You may receive emails from Tonbridge U3A with a footnote saying “This email was sent by Beacon on behalf of …”, these will have been generated from this new service.

We have made every effort to ensure that the data on the new system is accurate. If you find that you are suddenly getting (or not getting) the TAMs magazine, or experience any other issue caused by the move to the new system please contact the membership secretary (

Beacon provides the facility for group leaders (group organisers) to maintain details of their group (brief description, when and where it meets etc.). It can also allow group leaders to maintain a list of the members who attend their group.

Once a group leader is using Beacon they will be able to easily email all the members of their group (without having to remember to select the blind copy option). They will also be able to download a list of their members with details of their emergency contact details. This could be very useful for those groups that frequently go on trips.

Group Leaders may prefer to continue using their existing systems to manage their group. There is no obligation to use Beacon.

During the migration to Beacon our Privacy Policy has been updated, this now specifies that we are using a management database system to hold membership data. We have also made a number of other changes. The latest policy is available on the website, if you would like a printed copy please send a sae to the membership secretary.

The current Beacon system will help our U3A in many ways. It is to be upgraded in a year or so to provide even more facilities such as the ability for members to reserve tickets to events online. More information will be circulated when these facilities become available.

The Third Age Trust’s Beacon team have a very good website describing it’s facilities at

If you would like more information about Beacon or, as a group leader, would like an account on Beacon please contact the Beacon Team at

David Bell

In Touch South East u3a Member Link

u3a South East are asking us to participate in their movement-wide Member Link programme.

This programme draws together members, u3a committees, volunteers, and the Third Age Trust.  They are going to use the collective ideas, innovations and experiences used by u3as in 2020 to face the pandemic to rebuild the u3a community in 2021 and keep it strong.

The aim is to ensure that every member in every u3a can still participate in u3a life.

Below is a leaflet that describes the Member Link programme and how our u3a   can participate. Please see below a PDF version of the leaflet with clickable links to share with members online and a black and white version to print and share with members who are not online.  There is also a member link dedicated page on the u3a website.

Member Link Leaflet



Here’s an opportunity to chat to someone new.

For a few of us it might still be a while before we are able to get back to meeting
up and having face to face chats we used to have at U3A events.

Some U3A’s have started a “Telephone Buddy” scheme, so their members can
simply talk to like-minded people on the phone, (or if possible, arrange small
coffee meetings).  If there is enough interest, we would set this up in Tonbridge.
Would you be prepared to be an organiser….putting members in touch on the
If you would like to do this, please email or phone me
Jane Lloyd
☎ 07751 786325 ✉


Having recently taken over as membership secretary, I have
been checking the accuracy of our database. Could I ask anyone who is
reading this journal but has moved, changed their e-mail address, or
simply decided to relinquish their U3A membership, to please contact us
asap. Also please remember that if you do at any time leave, you will need
to let your bank know that you wish to change or cancel your standing
order. Meanwhile, try to enjoy what is left of this difficult year.

Lionel Shields,

Membership Secretary

Realise your dream of being Pat the Postman!

Volunteers wanted – Local Distributors for our Monthly Journal

We think Tonbridge U3A could benefit a lot by setting up a system where printed copies of our monthly journal are distributed in local areas by volunteers.
This would obviously save our U3A huge amounts in postage – especially now, when members cannot personally collect at monthly meetings.

In 2019/20, Journal postage was £2976. In 2020/21, estimated postage is £3100. From April to August this year, postage has cost £1438. Approximate monthly cost is £250.

If you think you can help deliver a few copies in your local area on a monthly basis, we would love to hear from you – no obligation! It is possible to tailor to fit your requirements. You will be helping your U3A and other local members.

Please contact:
Katharine Coleman        01732 838702

U3A National Newsletter – message from U3A National

The U3A National Newsletter is an important way for us to contact everyone, and share news and information.   It keeps everyone up to date with news and events as it happens each month. Most of all, it is a conversation between all of us, which will continue to evolve with your input and feedback.

U3A currently has around 15,000 members receiving the national newsletter directly by email but we would love to welcome many more to join us.

Follow the link  to sign up – and perhaps let just one other colleague and friend know about the newsletter – just one friend who is able to receive emails but currently isn’t signed up.  Let them know what you enjoy about receiving it and hopefully they will be inspired to do the same.

Thank you so much and please keep contacting us with submissions or feedback.

Together we can keep the conversation going, grow our membership and strengthen our communications.

(Back issues can be found at

Tonbridge U3A aims to make all its activities accessible to everyone.

When a member wants to join a group, and has a particular access issue (perhaps they are a wheelchair user), they should contact the group organiser to discuss this.  Contact details for each group are in the Handbook and on the website.

Many of our larger venues are public spaces and fully accessible (for example the Medway Hall, the Fisher Hall etc). Some larger interest groups (ukuleles, geology, industrial heritage, choir) do meet in halls, and there should be no access problem in these cases.

However, where group meetings are held in members’ homes, while every effort is made to overcome difficulties, access will of necessity depend on practicality, space and facilities available.

If this issue affects you, then please let us know at

New: Presentations Archive for this website

We are now starting to add archives of presentations to the website. To access, go to News & Events->Events->Event Presentations Archive to read.

This will be a process of processing these presentations for the website. We hope to gradually build up this archive but will be a slow process so please bear with us.

If you are interested in having presentation from your own group added to the archive, please contact Web Admin. We will need to assess its value to the whole membership as well as its structure as being suitable for the website before we can then process it.

Click here: Presentations Archive

Fancy a Cuppa? Next meeting – Friday 21 January 2022

A chance for just a chat and maybe to pick up information about theatre, travel and other events, drop a suggestion into the box about a new interest group you’d like someone to start up, or an offshoot group from one that’s already full.

Come alone, or arrange to meet friends there.  It’s open to potential new members to find out what the U3A is about so feel free to bring a friend.

£2.50 for tea or coffee and biscuits (free drink refills!), from 10.30 am to 12 noon in the Oak Lounge at the Rose & Crown on the 3rd Friday each month.

Free parking available at the Rose & Crown.

There will be a couple of committee members at each coffee morning to welcome anyone arriving on their own.  See you then.

New button directly accesses Journal!

We have added a quick link button to the Home Page. By clicking this you can rapidly access our current Journal. This makes it easy to reference, especially when you are out and about in town or on the road – if you have a smart phone.

Here is where it is on the Home Page:

Quick Links Buttons

Do try the top row of buttons if you have not done so previously. The All Groups takes you to a page of all  the major group titles and then you can click the one of interest to take you directly there.

Note: You will need to log in to access the destination pages for these two buttons, unless you have saved your password. (Do not save your password if your device is shared with someone you should not trust!)


We’re sure you’ll agree that the TU3A is a great idea and we hope you enjoy all it offers!  However, the essential administrative work of the U3A cannot continue to function without members coming forward to offer help.

In line with U3A guiding principles we don’t feel it is unreasonable to expect that members volunteer their time and skills where possible to help, usually as a team, with the many organisational tasks needing to be done for our U3A to function, We need volunteers in all areas, as long serving members step down. These include: the (vice) chairmanship, membership, secretarial matters, finance, website, the monthly journal, group coordination, theatre, travel, booking speakers and others. There is no requirement to be a committee member.

What skills/help could you offer, as part of teams which meet only when necessary? Please let us know by phone, email or letter, and thank you!

Lionel Austin (Volunteer Co-ordinator) – 01732 850701 

Latest Scams

The National (England & Wales) Trading Standards Scam Team 

helps to tackle mass marketing scams and to disrupt the operations of the perpetrators behind mail scams. It has recently launched an initiative with Royal Mail and Trading Standards Scotland to create a new process for cancelling the contracts of companies that send fraudulent mail. So far over 6,000 items of mail have been returned as part of this operation, and more than £186,985 has been returned to victims.

Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK and the people scammed experience shame and isolation as a result. Phone and internet scams are increasing and all need to be aware of them. If you are unsure of a phone call put it straight down.

1.  A phone call purporting to be from Windows or Microsoft is a SCAM. Neither company will call you suggesting you have a problem. You may be asked to allow them remote access to your computer – NEVER ALLOW REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER.  If you are scammed in this way call 0300 123 2040 or report it to https://actionfraud-az-microsoft-frauds .

2. If you receive a phone call from the Inland Revenue – it is a  SCAM. The caller will tell you that you owe tax going back years and it must be paid immediately and they do not send letters as it is all communication by phone only. They ask you to pay immediately or you will start incurring hefty fines. They want you to pay by card over the phone. DON’T – IT IS A SCAM. The Inland Revenue will only send you a letter on inland revenue paper with the appropriate headings and your personal number.

Preventing Fraud – advice from U3A National

We have had a couple of calls into the advice line regarding U3As who have experienced financial related scams.

One of these involved a degree of sophistication whereby the email seemingly came from a hotel where the U3A was due to hold an event resulting in the U3A making their payment to a fraudulent account.  Another U3A received an email via its website also requesting a payment which they did not make.

Please be vigilant in respect of any requests for payment that come via email and double check that these have been sent from the appropriate source before making any payments.

Fraud and scams

The Metropolitan Police Service FALCON unit (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) have created resources which are freely available to the public to assist in raising awareness about Scams and Fraud.

Available for download for free are:

There are also 5 short animated videos to help raise awareness with regards to defending yourself against online crime:

In the next few weeks, five more will be released including Computer Software Fraud, Payment Fraud and Romance Fraud and Money.

Tonbridge U3A site – problems with logging in or forced logouts?

Tonbridge U3A Website: Over a period of time we have had a number of reports of problems with logging in or forced logouts. We seem to be able to nail this down. First step when it comes to not being able to login is to contact Web Admin and check your login details work and the web team can log you in.

If you login and then then get forced off, it may be because your browser has a saved login for the site, and the password has been changed. You may need to delete the saved passwords.

For help to do this if your browser is Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari,Opera: click on How to Remove a Saved Password from a Browser : TechWeb …

For help if your browser is MS Edge, click here

Don’t forget, the best way to get a problem fixed starts with an email to Web Admin.

U3A Email Newsletter

The latest newsletter is emailed direct to the ‘opt in’ list of U3A members. It is packed full of news from U3As, news from the Trust, including upcoming events and new subject advisers and much more.

You can view all back copies and sign up to receive it direct on the National U3A website

Oberammergau Passion Play & Austrian Lake District: Postponed until 2022

Once every ten years the people of Oberammergau are all involved in producing a Passion Play in response to a vow that was made by the village elders in 1633 at the time that the great plague swept through Europe. People from all over the world come see the play and we are hoping that some of you would like to join us in this spectacular event. We are combining it with a holiday in the Austrian Lake District. We have to apply early as the places for the play and the overnight stay are fully booked years ahead. The holiday includes Salzburg, cruise on Lake Wolfgangsee, St Gilgen and St Wolfgang, Hallein Salt Mines, Berchtesgaden, Kaiservilla at Bad Ischi, Hallstat plus some optional visits. You will stay at the Hotel Gasthoff Brauwirth in Lengfelden and one night in Oberammergau.

The cost includes all the outings mentioned above, accommodation and half board throughout the stay, tickets for the play, coach in Austria, flights and a tour manager. The cost is £1,299 (the night stay in Oberammergau and the play tickets are expensive). We ask for a deposit cheque of £150 per person,  which is fully refundable until the end of January 2019. The full amount is payable 60 days prior to going. If you are interested in coming on this once in a lifetime event please return the form below with a deposit of £150 per person made out to Tailored Travel and enclose an A5 stamped addressed envelope for the full details to be sent to you.  Send to Margaret Pavlidis, 70, Mabledon Rd, Tonbridge, TN9 2TG.  ( 01732 359241)



Did you complete a Gift Aid form?

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Copyright of submitted photographs

We are extremely grateful for photographic contributions and want to encourage this, but there have been some legal implications of copyright law in recent times. Some U3As have had to pay considerable payments for breach of copyright. In order to make the situation quite clear we would like to advise you of the following.

  1. Tonbridge U3A expects that the provider does own copyright to the photograph, that is the provider has taken the photograph.
  2. Members are advised that when they contribute photographs for use on the website or the Journal that they are aware that we assume they are passing the copyright to Tonbridge U3A for free.
  3. Alternatively they may retain the copyright but are assumed to give Tonbridge U3A permission to use the photographs for free.
    1. In this case they should notify us that such is their wish and ensure that they have our acknowledgement from Tonbridge U3A of the notification.
    2. If they wish to withdraw the agreement, they should give use reasonable notice of that fact.

Andrew Brookes


Insurance information

The Third Age Trust has produced an informative booklet which gives an overview of its insurance policy including Frequently Asked Questions.  This can be found on their website at

You will need to log on to the members area, then click onto the Document Downloads icon.  Scroll down and click onto Reference Documents, then scroll down to find insurance information under ‘Information Booklets’ or, below that, the insurance cover note.

Organisers’ Contact Changes

Please could all organisers of groups remember to notify the Diary Editor, the Membership Secretary and webadmin if they change their phone number or email address.

TU3A Groups

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