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Study Day Report by Deborah Slater

The second part of Dr Geoff Doel’s virtual study day took place, via Zoom,
on 13 November (the first being on 23 October on “The Green Man”). This
time the subject was “Outsiders – Poachers, Smugglers, Highwaymen and
Pirates”. Dr Doel provided an entertaining, informative and sometimes
lurid account of these occupations with particular reference to activities in
Kent. Once again, there was a good attendance with 25 devices logging
on. The talk concluded with a question and answer session and Dr Doel
subsequently said how much he had enjoyed meeting (virtually) Tonbridge
U3A and that he would be pleased to be invited again.

A further study day talk took place on 9 December by Toni Mount; again
circumstances dictated that this had to be via Zoom. Toni Mount is an
authority on medieval history and the subject of her talk was “A Medieval
Christmas”. 44 devices logged on for this and the talk provided a
fascinating insight into the origins of many of our present day festive
traditions, although some have clearly been modified over the centuries
(e.g. kissing under the mistletoe being a notable example of a Yuletide
tradition rendered respectable).

The next scheduled study day talk will be on Wednesday 10 February at
10am to 12 noon, when Jane Lloyd will present “Jane Eyre: a Conundrum
Revisited” (exploring the novel’s perennial fascination, and also its more
puzzling contradictions).

In the meantime – many thanks again to the Zoom team without whom
these talks would not be possible, and also thanks to those who organise
the publicity.

Review of Honey Bee Talk

In October we were privileged to hear a talk on Honey Bees by Liz Birchenough who keeps bees and is a member of the Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells Beekeeping Association. We learnt that a queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs a day;  that worker bees can fly 2 – 3 miles in search of pollen & nectar;  that immature bees stay in the hive for a couple of weeks while they grow strong and drones patrol outside and fan their wings to ventilate the hive.

Very interestingly, we were shown the inside of a hive, the section where the queen lays the eggs and the section where the queen (being larger) cannot access and the honey is stored for lean times. It is this stored honey that the beekeepers, clad in all their protective clothing, head gear and marigold gloves, risk the wrath of the bees for the sweet golden delight.

But the most memorable thing we learnt was how mucky you can get if are a beekeeper!

Rosie Bairstow

Hop Picking Study Day

Our first ever whole day session, the Hop Picking Study Day in September, was sold out early and we apologise to anyone who was not able to get a ticket.Unlike our usual presentations, our three excellent speakers – Barbara Myatt, Anne Hughes and Katharine Coleman – were “in house” and all gave really interesting talks on the history of hops, the Hartlake tragedy and pubs and breweries in Tonbridge. Katharine would like to thank Ian Nicholson for allowing her to use his material which formed the basis of her lively talk.

During the coffee break we ran clips from YouTube (compiled by our own Dave Rowland) and after lunch we watched a compilation of historic clips researched by Derek Hopcroft (also “in house” of course) from the Tonbridge Film Makers Archive. There was a certain amount of audience participation, particularly after the lunch break. This might have had something to do with some of us having sampled the beer “cocktail” offered courtesy of Harvey’s Brewery and draught beer courtesy of Tonbridge Brewery!

Thank you to all the members who supported this study day and huge thanks to the Events Team and David Bell (theatre team), for the hard work that went into organising the excellent displays of information and hops, as well of course for helping on the day. Special thanks to Kate Izzard for leading the whole day.


Vintage Film and Cream Tea Report

We watched with delight as three small children played on a South Coast beach in 1903 and thought how similar they were to our own grandchildren playing on a similar beach in 2003 (though the style of the swimsuits was very different!)

We gasped in amazement as we saw a man dangling from a rope over the side of a cliff in 1908 and then swinging into a crevice to collect seagull eggs. We were fascinated by Miss Margaret Morris’s Merry Mermaids in their floaty Greek-style tunics dancing in a circle on a rather damp-looking beach, and we were stunned by the elegance of the ‘flappers’

at a seaside town in the late 1920s. All these black and white films had stylish and wittily written understanding. We then watched a film about the reconstruction of Dover after WW2, interesting but with a rather woolly sound commentary. Later films brought back happy seaside memories for most of us.

This delightful entertainment was rounded off by an excellent tea consisting of a variety of sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, some delicious fancy cakes and, of course, a nice cuppa.

It was served by ‘nippys’ in black uniforms with white aprons and white headbands, whilst we all enjoyed chatting with old friends and newer acquaintances at our various tables.

The whole afternoon was beautifully organized by the TU3A committee. We hope very much that it will be repeated another year. 

Gill Hoare


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Event Presentations Archive

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Introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions
Liz Williams18/07/2019
End of WW1 Commemoration projectSally Morton07/11/18

Lasting Power of Attorney Event Report

Around 70 members came along on 20 February to a really interesting and informative presentation on Lasting Powers of Attorney given by Gaye Ilsley.  She talked from her own experience of problems she encountered with LPAs and what she has learned.  She is prepared to arrange “tea and a chat ” with any members who would like to meet her for advice at no initial cost.  She declared a financial interest, in that she is affiliated to a legal firm which can draft  an LPA for you but in no way promoted it at the presentation.

However, TU3A cannot of course in any way endorse her services.

Below are the slides from her talk and other notes which you might find useful, together with how to get in touch with her.

The talk raised £66 which was doubled by Santander so £132 was sent to the Alzheimer’s Society.


Claiming Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Handout

Isle of Wight Holiday Review – June 2017

Isle of WightThe holiday organised by the TU3A Travel Team took 41 members to the Isle of Wight.  The group stayed in a hotel in Sandown and in the course of their 5-day stay visited Shanklin (including the Christmas Shop – in June!), the Royal Estate of Osborne House (to see St Mildred’s Church, Whippingham as well as the house itself and the Swiss Chalet), the Chine and the WW2 pipeline, Brading Roman Villa, Ryde, Alum Beach and The Needles, and Yarmouth.  For a full review of this action packed trip, visit the Travel Team’s website:  https://www.tu3a-travel.org.uk/isle-of-wight—review.html

TU3A Holiday in North Wales – April 2018

We are grateful to Eva Trippett for a witty and lively review of the TU3A holiday to North Wales in April of this year.  Places visited include the National Arboretum, a hydro electric plant and other industrial heritage sites, the National Slate Quarry with workmen’s cottages and steam train, the Copper Museum, Bodnant Garden and Portmerion.  This bland list doesn’t go any way to giving a flavour of the wonderful holiday that all clearly had.  For more, go to the Travel Team website: https://www.tu3a-travel.org.uk/north-wales-reviews.html

April 2018 North Wales

Intrepid travellers of the Travel Group on their recent holiday in Italy

Italy Holiday 2017

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