Walking & Cycling

We are a very friendly group who regularly walk fortnightly on Tuesdays.  Ambles are about 3½ miles in length.  A degree of fitness is required in order to negotiate stiles and hills.

Join a group of others interested in birdwatching and wildlife in general for outings to sites far and near. Pleasure is our aim rather than competitive twitching; short walking distances with comfort and refreshment stops where possible;  car sharing rather than public transport. Experienced watchers and beginners all welcome. You will need your own binoculars, sturdy footwear and all-weather clothing. We meet at 10am on the first Wednesday monthly generally finishing at 1pm. We visit a different site each month.

We are a small group of walkers who organise walks and visits using bus transport. Some members offer to lead a walk or visit, and all are welcome to suggest ideas for our programme. Our walks are usually between 3 and 6 miles, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month and we try to give some details of each walk in the Newsletter. We often take a picnic lunch. We are happy to welcome members who wish to join us only occasionally.

For those who like a moderate ramble by the sea along a stretch of coast for say 6-9 miles hugging the coastline where possible. Walks average 5-7 miles and take place generally in Kent or Sussex.

Coastal Walks 1 -  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of May, June, July, August & September.
Coastal Walks 2 -  We meet on the 4th Friday of May, June, July, August & September.

The group meets throughout the year for 5 to 7 mile walks in the country. We also meet occasionally for longer walks of about 10 to 14 miles. Walks generally take place in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Group members are encouraged to lead. Walks can be taken from books or chosen from maps. We respect the 'Country Code' and encourage car sharing to the starting point. The objective of the group is enjoyment: exercise, the countryside and companionship

Join our cycling group and enjoy some exercise, make new friends and see the countryside. Our members are of average ability and we have a bike ride twice a month of between 12 to 18 miles. It is a very sociable group and we always stop for coffee and/or lunch. We cycle at an easy pace mostly on traffic-free cycle trails or quiet back roads. If you are not sure whether the cycling is suitable for you (it usually is), please do not hesitate to contact the Group Organiser. We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month at 10am.

With easy access to arguably the most interesting and historic city of the world, this friendly group was formed in 2000 to find out more about London. We take it turns, individually or in small groups, to choose, plan and lead the monthly walks, dates of which vary. There are currently 10 groups who meet on different days. Group 5 Current Situation We have been in touch via email and a group member is putting together a photographic record of past glories, we have recommended YouTube virtual tours of London which have revealed more information than we perhaps picked up when we visited some places in person.