Jazz Forum

Interest Group Information:

For anyone who likes Jazz and/or wishes to know more about it.  We will also arrange visits to jazz concerts, clubs or other jazz related events. . Monthly, on the second Thursday from 3.00pm in Hildenborough.

Jazz Forum

For anyone who likes Jazz and/or wishes to know more about Jazz, sessions include talks and demonstrations on topics such as jazz styles, musicians, singers and many others, by members or guests. £1 is invited for expenses of any guest musicians or equipment. All welcome.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month 3pm in Hildenborough.

If you are interested in joining this group please email groups.u3aton@gmail.com

Medway U3A Jazz Interest Group Public Web Forum

The Medway U3A Jazz Interest Group has its own public web forum, which has now been running for over a year and they have invited us to take part as we have a lively Jazz forum of our own.

The website address is https://medway-u3a-jazz.free forums.net/

The primary purpose of the forum is to keep a record of the music played at each meeting of the group.  Anyone who is interested can access the monthly playlists and experience a ‘virtual listening session’ by means of YouTube links to the tracks played. 

The forum includes information on Jazz and other musical performances in the Medway area and North Kent. There are items on Jazz history and links to interesting Jazz items across the web.  Additionally, there is some guidance for the complete beginner who wishes to learn about Jazz.

Anyone who wishes may post their own contribution in accordance with the guidance given.

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