A friendly group, no experience necessary and new members always welcome. We meet in Tonbridge Parish Church on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, either in the main church or in the upper room from  10.30am - 12 noon. The cafe in the church is open from 10am when members can have a coffee before we meet, if they wish.

A group of guitarists come together to play and support each other in their learning and practice. Level of expertise is not important. Anyone interested should bring guitar, music, stand and a footstool if used. 2nd Wednesday of each month, 2.00pm.

The purpose of this group is to explore the folk music of the British Isles.  Players and singers, whether novice or not, are welcome. We will be meeting on the 3rd Wednesday afternoon of each month.

For anyone who likes Jazz and/or wishes to know more about it. Sessions include guest performers, talks and demonstrations on topics such as jazz styles, musicians, singers and many others, by members or guests. Several members have taken the opportunity to introduce jazz topics of their choice. We will also arrange visits to jazz concerts, clubs or other jazz related events. . Monthly, on the 2nd Thursday from 3.00pm in Hildenborough.

There are three groups - Beginners , Extra and Intermediate - for anyone who enjoys playing recorders and making music with others - for fun! Improvers - 1st and 3rd Monday afternoons from 2.00pm in Hadlow.  Extra - 4th Monday of the month from 10.00am in Hildenborough. Intermediate -  2nd and 4th Tuesdays in the month from 10.00 am  in Hildenborough Intermediate - Current Situation Our Tuesday Recorder Group has started meeting again - in gardens, weather permitting, with only 6 people at a time and all socially distanced! Despite the hazards of noisy local building works and wind snatching music out of the pegs on the stands, it has been a joy to see each and play together.

Singalong - Current Situation We have been using Zoom to continue to meet and sing (and quiz!) on a weekly basis so far and are hoping to meet in person soon, subject to government guidance.   Members enjoy singing, making music, having fun and developing vocal and musical abilities. Previous experience in singing or knowledge of music notation not necessary. It is planned to incorporate players of different musical instruments and varying abilities to accompany the singing. The group is led by John Lawrence, who has a rich experience in performing and developing musicians and bands, as well as some background in choral singing. The group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2.30pm in Tonbridge.

Ukulele - Current Situation We now meet weekly on Zoom the meetings tend to go on for about an hour and a half!.  Roughly 50% of of members take part with the others unable or unwilling for various reasons.  We start with the usual social gossip, sing as many songs as we can and often have a quiz.   The big problem for us using Zoom is that we cannot sing together as a group.  It would be like a conference where everyone is talking at the same time.  So for each song we have a lead singer and we all play along in our homes individually.  Not quite the same thing but better than nothing.  The great thing about it is that it keeps us all together and raison d’être for the ukulele group is the social side as much as anything else.  Ukuleles somehow keep everyone smiling!  Also, it was quite clear that in the few weeks it took to get the whole thing set up few people had played their instruments so it was important to keep them strumming for when were are able to start properly again.     This group meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month from 7.00pm in Tonbridge. No experience needed!