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A self-help group for anyone interested in learning more about the craft of writing poetry. Suitable for beginners and more experienced writers wishing to improve their knowledge and skills.  Despite the lockdowns, we have kept going courtesy of Zoom and we would be delighted to have new members.  Everyone is very supportive of each other’s efforts so this is not an intimidating process at all.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday each month from 2.00pm in Hildenborough.

The Poetry Writing Group – Our 2020 Anthology

It was the writer L.P. Hartley who once said “the past is another country – they do things differently there” and I think that many of us will have seen the truth of this when we think back to the beginning of the year which now seems truly a foreign land.  It was then that the Journal reminded us that 2020 marked the 20th Anniversary of Tonbridge U3A and we looked forward to discussing at our regular meetings what our contribution might be, blissfully unaware of the life-changing forces gathering strength on distant shores.

Fast forward a few weeks and courtesy of the now ubiquitous “Zoom” most members of the group, two octagenarians included, embraced the technology and with a few minor adjustments we were able to resume our creative endeavours.  Talk soon turned to how we could contribute to the branch’s birthday.

We brainstormed a few ideas as to theme, format and so on but it soon became clear that the figure 20 was pivotal – 20th anniversary in the year 2020 – a gift!  It just so happens there are 5 active Zoomers in the group so the arithmetic was easy – we would assemble 20 poems, contributing 4 each, drawing on output from our writing “careers” so far.

You can now read the result in the following pages by clicking on the link below.  Enjoy!


Poetry Writing

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