Creative Writing (Writers` Workshop)

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This group complete short exercises as a session or homework to develop character, create dialogue, ideas for plot, or focus on memory as a basis for autobiography and fiction.

Creative Writing

This group exists to help and encourage any member who is interested in working in any form of the written word, whether fact or fiction, novel or short story, stage or tv drama, reportage, autobiography or verse. At each monthly meeting members present what they have written during the previous month. Numbers are limited to give each enough time to make their presentations and the rest of the time to discuss them.
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On guard, high above

Waves crashing on rocks below

Mariner’s sentry


Skies of azure blue

A carpet of pink petals

Japanese springtime

KC 3/19



Freya blows in, lashing

Whipping a wild whirling dance

Among the twisting trees


Gareth’s grey seas crash

As Llandudno goats shelter

In the town gardens


Hannah’s windy gift

Lays woodlands to waste

As March storms onward

MN 3/19



The stars in the sky

Guide the traveller homewards

On his tiring way


The path was frozen

Icy patches begin to form

To trip the unwary

CM 3/19

Creative Writing Latest Work

Each month the members of the Creative Writing group produce some quite talented work, as short stories, poetry, reportage, travelogue or in serial book form.  We thought, therefore, we would put onto the TU3A CW page some examples of our writing.

The Japanese form of poetry, the Haiku, which reflects the natural world, was one of the group’s themes in March, so to view our attempts please do go the Creative Writing page.  We plan to put on something new each month, and hope you will enjoy reading them.

Lois Mitchell

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