Active Games and Dancing

Tonbridge Bowling Club hold two sessions a week for new bowlers from May to September which are available to U3A members. Free coaching and bowls available.

Meet most weekdays, from October to April each year. Equipment & bowls are provided plus coaching.

Weekly Ten Pin Bowling sessions, twice weekly in Tunbridge Wells. Bookings are made a week in advance. Players of all levels of experience are welcome.

The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of wholeness and unity. We dance traditional dances from many diverse cultures but also dances that have been recently choreographed. This Group has been flourishing since 2003. No previous experience or partner is required. We meet usually on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in Tonbridge from 2.30pm.

This group is run by Tunbridge Wells U3A but is open to TU3A members They meet on the second and fourth Mondays each month at the Camden Centre, Tunbridge Wells.

This group is run by Tunbridge Wells U3A but is open to TU3A members They meet in Tunbridge Wells twice a month from mid-April to September/October depending on the weather.

A game is organised at a designated golf course 4th Tuesday each month. All who have played golf at any level are welcome, no handicaps required.

The group meets at the public slipway at the swimming pool car park in Tonbridge for a river paddle. We paddle mainly on the Medway, but some of the more experienced members also do other trips such as the Cuckmere, the Stour or the Arun. We can also do a pool session to learn capsizing and some strokes. We usually meet on the 3rd Friday of the month.

This group is run by Paddock Wood U3A but is open to TU3A members. It is held on the first and fourth Thursday each month in Paddock Wood.

We meet in Tonbridge four times a week. Please provide own bat or hire one at the venue. Table Tennis 1 -  10.00am every Thursday Table Tennis 2 -  10.00am every Monday Table Tennis 3 - 11.30am every Monday Table Tennis 4 - 1.30pmevery Wednesday

Tai chi and Qi Gong provide a gentle form of exercise that has many health benefits. The aim is to regulate the posture, regulate the breath and regulate the mind. These simple aims combine to become a sophisticated, but enjoyable, challenge. We meet in the Autumn and Spring terms on Tuesday mornings in Tudeley.